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Importers from the World’s finest purveyors of Fruits & Vegetables.

When you work with Ryeco, the world is your produce market.

An Enduring Commitment to Quality and Freshness

Ryeco is a leading purveyor of fruits and vegetables located in Philadelphia, PA, servicing customers all over the Northeast and parts of the Mid-Atlantic. We have spent over forty years ensuring that wholesalers and supermarkets in Philadelphia and nearby communities have the freshest and finest-quality fruits and vegetables available for their customers.

Since our inception in 1975, we have cultivated and maintained a philosophy of freshness, quality and service that has enabled us to consistently expand and become a trusted and reputable fixture of the Northeast food marketplace. Ryeco has always been exceedingly proud that our products find their way to restaurant kitchens and family tables all over the East Coast.

Daily Deliciousness from All Over the World

Ryeco has remained committed to sourcing the best products from all over the globe. We import products from five continents each day to ensure that you’re getting the freshest and best-tasting produce every time you come into our store. Since 1989, we have had the privilege of serving customers in the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market. Our close proximity to Philadelphia’s piers and Philadelphia International Airport means a constantly active supply chain of quality and fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs.

The Widest Array of Products

One of the factors that distinguishes Ryeco from other produce companies is our vast selection and inventory. Whether you’re a buyer for a grocery chain, large wholesaler or restaurant chef, Ryeco has the freshest and highest-quality fruits and vegetables available. Ryeco also carries specialty and exotic items for restaurants or large-market retail display. We have what you’re looking for.

Ryeco has thrived and grown off of a culture of service. We have worked hard to establish trust with our patrons, and we stand behind every piece of fruit or vegetable we sell, no matter what. We recognize that shoppers in the Northeast have no shortage of choices when selecting their fruits and vegetables, and it’s our commitment to value and customer satisfaction that has allowed us to maintain this trust and become the premier produce resource for the greater-Philadelphia area, and a relied-upon supplier to the area’s homes and businesses. Stop by our location to experience the difference.

6700 Essington Ave. 
Philadelphia, PA 19153