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Distribution & Transportation

Seamless & Expedited Transportation

Part of our commitment to maintaining the highest quality and optimal freshness of our products is having a streamlined and modern network of transportation that offers expedited delivery to vendors everywhere. Over our decades of operation and expansion, Ryeco has been fortunate enough to develop relationships with vendors all over the country and the world. We take our responsibility to our partners very seriously and have obtained the resource to ensure they get what they need when they need it, no matter what. Ryeco offers a variety of transportation options to companies who needed the freshest produce ASAP.

The Reliability You Expect and Deserve

While we’re proud to serve a robust and diverse local population out of our storefront in the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market, Ryeco serves a majority of our clients through our fleet of delivery trucks. Time is a critical factor in maintaining the quality and freshness o produce. To give our customers the best products, day after day, your organization needs help from a produce company with the resources an infrastructure to get your fruits and vegetables in the hands of consumers before they turn. This loss of time can cost your business, both in purchasing expenditures and loss of customers.

Delivery When and Where you Need It

Unlike many of our competitors, Ryeco understands what it takes to deliver the highest level of quality and service in a global marketplace. This is why we offer 24-7 delivery to our partners and stand behind everything we sell, ship and deliver. Our ability to deliver on such short turnaround times makes us the premier choice for East Coast businesses in search of quality produce. Our delivery infrastructure is second to none. We travel from Maine to the Carolinas on a daily basis and can travel beyond those distances with very short notice.

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