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Maintaining Freshness and Service from Seed to Table

Ryeco has always strived to offer the resources, infrastructure and deliverables of a large company while offering the boutique, personalized customer service of a small family business. Part of maintaining this balance is ensuring that we have the right facilities to receive, ship and store products to keep them their freshest and best along with trained team members that value our customers. Almost as important as where produce is grown and cultivated is how it’s stored, packaged and shipped for public consumption. When Ryeco scouted it’s first commercial location nearly 30 years ago, we wanted to make sure that we were strategically placed to maintain the quality, taste and freshness of our products from the vine to the vendor.

Our Facility Is Located in the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market and offers:


  • Eight Fully Enclosed Units for Maximum Space and Selection
  • Strategic Proximity for Expedited Delivery Access all Over the East Coast
  • Close Proximity to Philadelphia’s Piers and Airport
  • Friendly and Knowledgeable Customer Service Associates
  • 13 Separate Refrigeration Areas
  • Unloading 24 Hours Per Day *
  • Delivery to Our Customers 7 Days Per Week
  • Off-Market, 50 Truck Load Storage Location with Repack Capabilities
* Please note: Friday evenings and Saturday unloading appointments are required.

Our facility is an extension of our overall philosophy. In an industry in which customers often have no clue where their food is coming from, Ryeco strives for transparency, freshness and quality control in every product we sell.

The Resources Our Clients Need

Ryeco is proud to serve a diverse and ever-growing array of customers, from the person who buys three boxes of fruits and vegetables for their corner store to the mega superstore that needs a truckload of products to wholesalers who need even more than that. Part of our commitment to these clients is making sure we can effectively address their needs. With our recent expansion and our steadfast commitment to personalized customer service, Ryeco offers the best of both worlds.

6700 Essington Ave. 
Philadelphia, PA 19153