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Quality Assurance and Food Safety

Rigorous Quality Assurance Standards

When it comes to any product, especially any products that you put in your body, the only thing more important than quality is food safety. Since our first day in business, Ryeco has maintained a steadfast commitment to the most stringent safety and consumer-protection standards. From our multi-level inspection process to our thorough research to find the most reputable and highest-quality vendors to our clean, state-of-the-art facilities and transportation infrastructure, we are fully mindful of the responsibility that comes with guaranteeing every product we sell. Our team is committed to delivering the safest and most nutritious products, day in and day out.

Quality Starts with Attention to Detail

Our stringent and rigorous inventory management is just one of the factors that guarantees quality, freshness and safety. We meticulously inspect every lot that comes into our warehouse facility and determine its suitability for public consumption. Products that don’t make the grade are set aside and sent back to suppliers. Our safety and quality-assurance standards help protect customers from food-borne illness.

We recognize that our growers are  primary line of defense between our customers and produce-born health issues, and we have remained committed to protecting them for over 40 years. We don’t believe that when you put an apple or tomato in your mouth, you should have to worry about its journey and what is done to it. As a leading wholesale produce purveyor, we take on the responsibility of making sure your fruits and vegetables are safe, fresh and delicious every single time. Our supplier approval program is designed to ensure that food safety is a top priority.

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